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Great Luxury Sleeper Van Rental Alternative In Kauai

Popular Luxury Sleeper Van Rental Alternative In Kauai – Get A Rooftop Camper Instead!

You might have already decided not to get the usual hotel accommodation during your next trip to Kauai, but to go the more adventurous route and go camping instead! Since you will most likely also need wheels to get around the island, you might have thought of getting a campervan. Though, have you heard of rooftop camper trucks, yet? They are a trending Luxury Sleeper Van Rental Alternative In Kauai! Continue reading to find out why.


What is the difference between a Campervan and Rooftop Camper?

First, for those of you who might be still wondering, let’s talk about what a Campervan and a Rooftop Camper actually are.


Rooftop Camper

A Rooftop Camper is a motor vehicle (typically a truck) with a roof top tent mounted on top of it, which allows the users to sleep in relative safety and comfort above the vehicle, and leaves the internal load-space free.



A Campervan is a motorized vehicle that provides both transport and sleeping accommodation. As the term ‘campervan’ describes, they are vans that have been fitted out. Some are just equipped with a mattress in the back and others, more fancy ones, have a toilet, shower and sink with running water.


Good Luxury Sleeper Van Rental Alternative In Kauai – Why a Rooftop Camper Truck may be more suitable for you

In short: Campervans and Rooftop Campers are both great camping options! What is best for you really depends on what you are looking for and who you are taking with you!

Below, we will discuss the two different camping vehicles in terms of budget, drivability, nature views, weather protection & privacy, accessibility & storage and privacy.


Budget: Rooftop Camper wins

Renting a good Rooftop Tent Camper is always going to be much less expensive than a good Campervan. Obviously, more built-in appliances in Campervans such as a toilet, shower or sink will reflect in higher prices.


Drivability: Rooftop Camper wins

Campervans are usually at least a full 12″ inches wider than a Roof Top Camper and usually a lot taller and longer as well.

If you would like to go on off-road adventures or just explore more private places at the end of one of Kauai’s many bumpy dirt roads, a 4wd roof top camper is definitely more suitable. Additionally, the visibility on Campervans isn’t always great and it often can be tough to find a large enough parking space when in town.

So, in terms of drivability the Roof Top Camper clearly wins.


If at this point you already realize that a Rooftop Camper is your best Luxury Sleeper Van Rental Alternative In Kauai and is most suitable for an epic camping vacation on Kauai, check out our top quality 4wd Rooftop Camper Trucks at Kauai Rooftop Campers.




Nice Views: Rooftop Camper wins

The elevated position of a roof top tent offers great views and one could spend hours in a beautiful place just lying there watching nature show off.
In addition, as just mentioned, a Roof Top Camper can be more drivable while off-roading or managing bumpy dirt roads on the way to secluded beaches, which surely will reward you with more stunning views.

Weather protection & privacy: Campervan wins
Unlike most roof top tents, a Campervan has hard walls. Essentially, this means less wind noise and impact, less dampness when it rains, more security, and more privacy.


Luxury: Campervan wins

In terms of luxury, a Campervan clearly has advantages over a roof top tent. While the rooftop tent is usually more luxurious than a ground tent, it’s not really comparable to sleeping in a a climate-controlled Campervan.

People looking for heating, air conditioning, extra storage and plumbing would probably be better off in a Campervan versus a rooftop tent.

Of course, the extra luxury will come with a much higher price tag.



If you love to adventure through nature off the beaten path, like to feel more connected with the elements and/or are on a budget then a rooftop camper truck is for you!

If you like to bring more homey comfort such as running water, built in shower & toilet and protection from weather into your camping experience and are willing to pay for it, then a campervan is better for you.

In a nutshell:
Rooftop Camper Trucks are typically more gentle on your budget, more rustic, and feel more like camping out.
Camper Vans are normally pricier, more homey and feel more private and protected.


If you decide that a Rooftop Camper is your best Luxury Sleeper Van Rental Alternative In Kauai…

If you decided that a Rooftop Camper Truck is your best Luxury Sleeper Van Rental Alternative In Kauai, check out our popular 4wd Rooftop Camper Trucks at Kauai Rooftop Campers.



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Our Happy Clients!

Exploring Kauai with a rooftop camper is a fun and unique way to explore this beautiful island! Our family of 4 spent 12 fabulous days exploring and camping. The extra tent with the rooftop provided plenty of space for us…we had an amazing time! All communication with Jonathan and Jamie was smooth and easy. They are lovely people who genuinely want to provide a great experience.


Minneapolis, MN

Jamie and Jonathan were excellent hosts! Even though they were on vacation, Jonathan made all accommodations very easy and helped us with every step. Note: if you are under 25, make sure to let them know to make sure you are covered by insurance! Jonathan helped us work it out and we had a great time


Los Angeles, CA

Jamie and Jonathan are by far the very best experience with Airbnb we have ever had. Truly generous human beings with big hearts. They provided wonderful suggestions, amenities, and a wonderful 5 star experience. We will certainly rent again. For our first experience in Hawaii, they made sure it was second to none. If you’re coming to Hawaii to truly experience nature and looking for a ‘no nonsense’ and easy process to explore the island the way it was meant to be, you could not attain better hosts.


Seymour, TN

We had such an amazing trip with Jamie’s camper! Jamie and Jonathan were both so kind and took their time to explain to us the ins and out of our camper. Communication was easy and the beaches they recommend we visit were like paradise! Will rent again from them when we come back for sure!


Fairfield, IA

The BEST way to experience the beautiful garden island! Not only a great service–transportation doubling as your lodging–but wonderful and warm hosts. Jonathan and Jamie were so kind and helpful. An absolutely wonderful trip to Kauai–thank you both!


Portland, OR


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